I first made music simply by dubbing over songs I heard on the radio with my Casio keyboard, playing most by ear and learning music theory through practice. Eventually I was saved from being tethered to whatever the local DJs wanted to play in the 90s, and received my first piece of composition software. From there, I found great pleasure in practicing sampling and exploring synthesizers and digital effects.

My chief inspirations in my early teenage years of production were hip-hop and electronic music, and eventually I was experienced enough to add in elements from more of my favorite genres--classical music, jazz and soundtracks. After years of building up a healthy discography, I was signed to the internet record label Scrub Club Records in 2012, finding the first concrete justification for all my time spent as a bedroom producer.

Being signed was like a stimulant for my musical muscles. In my 2-year run at Scrub Club, I created nine albums, including the very well-known remix album Chrono Jigga, a mix of handcrafted beats incorporating the soundtrack of SNES RPG Chrono Trigger and the lyrics of rapper Jay-Z. This album gained worldwide acclaim and is a huge contributor to my current status, so I followed it up with several more remix projects while continuing for-profit work on the side.

In 2013, very soon after releasing Chrono Jigga, I paired my love for video games with my drive to create music for the first time in an official capacity with my soundtrack for Midboss' Read Only Memories (2015), a cyberpunk adventure game. This was also my first time designing sound for a video game. I continued my dual composition and sound design duties with Zero Dimension's Cerebrawl (pending release), a 2D fighter with old-school roots, and other as-of-yet unannounced game projects with small, experienced and innovative teams, all of which I am currently working on. I'm even working on a VR game for the HTC Vive! Another first was producing a soundtrack for the feature film Gaming In Color, a documentary about the LGBTQIA gaming community, released in 2015.

My most recent completed work is 2064: Read Only Memories, an expansion of the original Read Only Memories with full voice acting from an all-star cast, coming soon to Playstation 4 and as a free update for all the game's current platforms.

After all this time working with sound, I would say my specialty is being a one-man audio solution. My specialty is also being absurdly grateful for having gotten this far with what was once a hobby. I currently live in and work from Lexington, Kentucky, a small, cozy town--but I expect to find my next home soon.

- Matthew Hopkins

Photography by Joshua Edmonds