Big Announcement! Second Mashup Trilogy!

Hey everyone!

Really happy to announce that my Patreon has reached (and sailed past) the benchmark of $300 a month, enabling me to set out my plans for a second mashup trilogy. The plan is for the trilogy to take place through 2016, with one album dropping every four months! And the first is...EarthB.I.G.

No more details or hard release dates yet. I know what dates I am shooting for, however. I will be revealing each project as we go. Hope everyone is looking forward to this as much as I am!

Another big announcement--I want to share the development of these albums with every patron. If you sign up to pledge even just one dollar on, it will make a HUGE difference and get you access to the album as I create it, from the first roughest draft to an early release of the final product!

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