Venturing into Patreon...

Mashups are hard. They're not just hard because they involve making two tonally different things sound like they were made for the same purpose, in the same place and by the same people. They're also hard because they are fun to make, loved by thousands, and completely unable to make you any money due to a real mess of copyright laws. While I'm waiting for the copyright situation to either get itself together or collapse completely, I've had to look for alternate methods of funding my mashup projects. A donation button doesn't feel connected enough to the direct receipt of mashups, so I've begun a Patreon completely designed around delivering new mashups, and delivering them early and on-demand to patrons.

Some of the perks of becoming a patron involve exclusive patron-only song releases, voting on biweekly remixes to hear what you want to be heard, and (once we hit the goal) a new mashup trilogy! There's also an option to "subscribe" to 2 Mello if you pledge a certain amount per month, wherein you'll receive all my previous and future albums for free if you remain a subscriber. You help with a lot of this stuff, and help me a lot, even if you just give a dollar a month! Check it out and see if you like it. If there's other things you'd want to see offered, let me know in the comments!

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