Stay Mello, Vol. 4 - The Long-Term

It’s been over a year since I declared full-time musicianship. Yes, three months over, in fact. What can I tell you? Time is starting to blur together a bit, which is actually a positive thing! I’m not thinking on a month-to-month basis right now. I’m thinking about seasons and years. However, I’m at a very important time—what they refer to as making your next move your best move.

I’ve made some moves recently. I left MidBoss after completing work on 2064: Read Only Memories. I’ve started up a physical fitness routine again. I’ve started thinking about the possibility of dating again. I’m planning a VACATION, even. But after that, it’s time for me to move out of my comfort zone, which is named Lexington, Kentucky. It’s time for me to move into the AAA game industry and get a “real job”. And while I do all this other stuff, I’ll be applying fiercely to any place with a position open, and some places without them.

“Real job” is a classic hurtful term hurled at artists by old friends, previous co-workers, family members, significant others (actually, my partners have been super cool about the whole music for no profit thing when it was like that, shout-out to them for that). For me though, it doesn’t mean giving up. I’m not looking for a real job because I failed at being independent. This was always the goal. You don’t know how long I’ve dreamed about working in close range with others on the most intense creative projects that currently exist–video games. I would get a chance to meet and learn from (and argue with) so many people from diverse art and science backgrounds I know next to nothing about. We’d get to do it all under one roof of a company that can support the burden of expenses that rag-tag indie teams just can’t shoulder.

The game industry is a nasty place for full-timers, though, and I’ve heard more horror stories than good ones. Being indie has its own share of problems, though, so basically (and it shouldn’t be like this) if you’re working in games, you need to prepare for your life to kind of suck sometimes, and hope to eventually get the kind of paycheck you can start a family on, make house and car payments on, insurance…I don’t even want to think about some of those things yet. Please spare me. Let’s all just move on from this paragraph, as a people.

You may notice this website has been spruced up a bit. I’m expecting company. I know I have enough experience in this industry by now to get the attention of someone looking for something unique. A person with the grit, the hustle, the hunger to give them what they need on their next project. Thanks to MidBoss, I’ve worked with professional voice actors and gone to huge gaming events across the country. Thanks to Zero Dimension, I have the chance to revolutionize the sound of fighting games, and I’ve been introduced to the “FGC”. Thanks to anyone who has had faith in me, I’ve been able to lend my touch to countless creative wonders. Stick with me, and we’ll see what this next step is together.

Can’t believe this has all happened thanks to a gimmicky mixtape.

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