Music Releases


Memories Of Tokyo-To is my ode to the Jet Set Radio game franchise and the most energetic release I have created, by far. My goal for this album was to not only pay my respects to the music of the game series, but to interpret the way it has affected my own style into a natural continuation that feels fresh and not at all like a re-hash.


Return Of The Soul is my return to lyrical content, rapping over cinematic, sample-based instrumentals that captured my imagination and inspired me to write about my life and work. Reclaiming my title as a lyricist as well as a producer meant exposing and overcoming vulnerabilities, and that's a lot of what's happening here.


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Midnight Broadcasts is a series of calming, instrumental jazzy hip-hop that I started as an ode to the fascinating music appearing late at night on commercial "bumps" during Cartoon Network's [adult swim] broadcasts. The series is on its second entry and has an additional volume of unused material, "after midnight".