Kickstarter - Midnight broadcasts vol. 1 and 2 physical releases + Vol. 2 release date!

I've created a small Kickstarter campaign to see if people are interested in physical copies of Midnight Broadcasts volumes 1 and 2! Please share the news, and whether I am funded or not, the release date for volume 2 is AUGUST 15!


My new project, The Sample Study, is a podcast where I take one sample and one song that sampled it per week, discuss the history and trivia behind both songs and then sample it myself to show you how it was done, step-by-step. Two episodes are live now and you can get them at The Sample Study website, YouTube or iTunes/Google Play/Stitcher and other podcast apps. Follow the podcast on Twitter, too!

2064: Read Only Memories Vinyl Soundtrack Now available for pre-order!

Please head to iam8bit and place your order now! The vinyl has a partial tracklist and comes with the full soundtrack in a digital download.

midnight broadcasts vol. 1 available now

A sample-based, nostalgic and calming musical trip inspired by the jazzy Adult Swim "bumps" of the mid-2000s. Only the finest loops have been dug to create this relaxing late-night collection. Available on Bandcamp, Loudr, iTunes and Spotify.


A new cyberpunk adventure for PS4, PC, Mac and Linux! Purchase on Playstation StoreSteamGOG or Humble and get the soundtrack on my Bandcamp!


is an award-winning music producer and sound designer with 15 years of experience in composing music and creating sounds. He is skilled in interpreting all genres and moods of music but specializes in hip-hop, funk, jazz beats, dance music, retro game stylings and ambient soundscapes. He also loves creating unique, satisfying, crisp and "juicy" sound design that is subtle but fitting. He has created music and sound for video games, feature films, web series and podcasts, as well as producing a wide discography of original and remixed music. His first game project, 2064: Read Only Memories (MidBoss), won Best Sound at IndyPopCon's Reboot Indie Game Awards for its lively soundscape of catchy synth tunes, nostalgic sound effects and professional voice acting. His attention to detail, personal drive and quick turnaround has already earned him a spot on many game teams and positive words anywhere you find his name.

Photography by Joshua Edmonds