This is a series of videos in which I produce remixes and original material in front of a live audience from Patreon. Anything can happen in these sessions--it's all raw production on the spot. I try to make these videos educational, fun and full of exclusive stuff you wouldn't normally hear. If you are here, I hope you enjoy these exclusive videos.


August 2016's first Patron Party! We worked on a 3-song Sonic 2/Busta Rhymes medley, checked out some early drafts from my Jet Set Radio project and peeked at a new Cerebrawl track!

A soothing Secret of Evermore remix and a peek at some in-progress EarthBIG stuff.

We start off making a version of Maya's Theme from Persona 3 FES pretty much out of scratch. Once we have a good base for that, we move on to previewing some brand-new EarthBIG mixes. All new stuff!

Jumping between about 4 different EarthBIG remixes in various stages of completion. The album is really beginning to take form! We also take a look at the finished version of Tac Knight's theme from Cerebrawl, which has since been released.

We work a little bit on a Read Only Memories Christmas song, and then switch gears to some more EarthBIG production!

1:30 Yo-Kai Watch remix begins
51:30 Mello looks through some good Earthbound/Biggie tracks
1:03:10 EarthBIG remix begins

We take a Yo-Kai Watch song and go through the process of mashing it up with a Busta Rhymes sample by getting BPMs, removing unwanted frequencies, compressing the vocals and adding our own drums! We then made an unexpected and slightly rough start on the "EarthBIG" album...

Banjo-Kazooie remixes were made and the difference between reverb and delay effects was discussed. I showed a little bit of how I build the structure of a track and how many elements I actually add to these "mashups" before I'm done. It's basically like creating an original beat over a base sample!