All services are reasonably priced, with discounts for bulk purchases, negotiable payment scheduling and
infinite drafting at no extra charge until you are satisfied.

Please contact me at or by any other method to let me know what you're interested in! For music production and sound design, I will be able to send some samples within a few days if needed. If something doesn't exactly fit into one of these categories, but seems possible based on what I offer, it's very likely that I want to help you do it!


Music COMPOSITION AND Production

If sound libraries and royalty-free tracks aren't getting you where you want, consider the possibilities of custom music made just for your project, that will always be owned by you! I offer reasonable pricing per minute of written composition and infinite drafts at no extra charge, until we get it exactly the way you like it. I will work with you in every stage of the process, from composition to production to mixing the track into your media, if you need some guidance! If you wish to add original music to your game, album, film, television program, web series, YouTube channel, Twitch stream--absolutely any media that could be enhanced by an innovative, unique soundtrack--I am the composer you want.

Sound Design

I want to work with you to create original sounds for your projects that will be impactful, memorable and satisfying. It's amazing what thoughtful, high-quality and balanced sound work can do for an already strong product. I am experienced in both foley recording and synthesized sounds, and believe me--I want to get just as deep into the creation process as you do. Let's figure out what you need together, and I will propose a detailed budget and plans for each sound's creation. I'd love to help you with mixing the final sounds into your product's existing soundscape as well!


You have an excellent content-complete album or song, but it just doesn't sound as big, crisp and cohesive as major professional releases do. I can help with that! Let me take the individual tracks of your production and make your sounds friendly with each other, then deliver a clear, powerful and cohesive mix back to you! At a low price per track with discounts available for multiple tracks, I'll work with you on your songs until you are completely happy with the mix. Let me help make that hit that we both know you have sound the best that it can.