Biography (so far)


Once I heard hip-hop and electronic music, my life was set on its path.

"How do you make this? Where are these sounds from?" I had to know. It wasn't the instruments I had been familiar with. I am still learning every day.

At the age of 13, I was able to get my first composition software for the family computer, Screenblast Acid 4.0. It was mostly meant to be used to create soundtracks for home movies and the like. Very limited capabilities, but you could loop a beat and add things to it. From there, I found great pleasure in practicing sampling and exploring synthesizers, digital effects and all of the other wondrous advantages computers bring to the field of music.

I took this strong love for and curiosity about hip-hop and electronic music and started wrapping in influences from my other favorite genres--classical music, jazz and soundtracks. I was mostly self-taught, and didn't take my music skills out of the realm of bedroom production very often, besides producing for friends and local rap artists. After years of building up a healthy discography, I was signed to the internet record label Scrub Club Records in 2012, finding the first concrete justification for all my time spent working on music.

Being signed was like a stimulant for my creativity and career. In my 2-year run at Scrub Club, I created nine albums, including the very well-known remix album Chrono Jigga, a mix of handcrafted beats incorporating the soundtrack of SNES RPG Chrono Trigger and the lyrics of rapper Jay-Z. This album gained worldwide acclaim through the Internet and is still a huge contributor to my current status, so I followed it up with several more free remix projects.

In 2013, very soon after releasing Chrono Jigga, I paired my love for video games with my drive to create music for the first time in an official capacity with my soundtrack for MidBoss' Read Only Memories (2015). Afterwards, I handled casting, directing, editing and implementation for the fully voice-acted 2064 update (2017). This was also my first time designing sound for a video game. Another first for me was producing a soundtrack for the feature film Gaming In Color (2015), a documentary about the LGBTQ gaming community.

After leaving MidBoss, I continued my dual composition and sound design duties with Zero Dimension's Cerebrawl (pending release), a 2D fighter with old-school roots. I have also created music for the games Celeste, Ghosts Of Miami, Regular Human Basketball, Squatbot, Killer Auto and the 1000 Button Project.

My most recent completed work is the Jet Set Radio tribute Memories Of Tokyo-To, an album showcasing my love for the music of the game series with 17 original tracks.

My current project is Later Alligator, an adorable adventure game marking my second time working with Pillow Fight and my first time working with SmallBu Animation Studio.

I am very grateful to have been able to already do so much with my love of sound and music, turning what I once thought could only ever be a hobby into a career. There is much more to come from me, and I have not even started!